NEELAM 3.5 Carat No Heat and Treat Natural 100% Original With Lab Certified

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Neelam also called blue sapphire stone is associated with planet Saturn and is worn in mid finger of the right hand. Saturday morning is the best day to wear neelam stone. Immerse this stone in milk or holy water to wash off the impurities from the stone.Chant this mantra 11 times while wearing the stone: om praan preen praun sa: shanaishcharaay nam:. It can be worn for good luck and for protection against evil spirits. Since Saturn rules the nervous system, blue sapphires help problems of the nerves-tension and neuroses-diseases caused by an afflicted Saturn. Because Saturn is the slowest moving planet, it tends to cause chronic disease. NOTE: DO NOT WEAR THE STONE DURING RAHUKAAL

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