PUKHRAJ 3.5 Carat No Heat and Treat Natural 100% Original With Lab Certified

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Also known as Yellow Sapphire stone, Pukhraj is related to the planet Jupiter. One should wear it on Thursday morning in the ring finger of the right hand. Chant this mantra while wearing the stone. Dip it in holywater to remove the unwanted impurities from the stone.While wearing the stone, wearer have to chant this mantra11 times: om graan green graun sa: brhaspataye nam: This stone provides mental peace, courage, happiness as well as it heals ailments related to skin, throat and kidneys. Pukhraj gemstone is beneficial for men, but most beneficial for women. Pukhraj stone removes the delays in marriage for a female. NOTE: DO NOT WEAR THE STONE DURING RAHUKAAL

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