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Surya Yantra

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Sun is the centre of the solar system. Therefore Surya yantra holds its importance equivalently. The position of Surya affects the different areas of life like self confidence, will power, father, husband, guru, physical strength, courage, future, and the rulers of state, authorities, fame and success.  Surya yantra is a very powerful object that adds great value in puja room, home and office. It enhances both internal and external vision and promotes eye health and proper insight into issues of life.  It enables the person to make right decisions. The yantra also helps the individual to win over enemies with confidence and courage asserting one’s self esteem. 

This yantra is energized by professional pundit under the guidance of Acharya Indu Prakash.

This Yantra has been Enchanted with 21000 Mantra. The Surya yantra's available on astro-e-shop are created and energized during the Krittika, UttaraPhalgunī and UttaraAshadha nakshartras therefore they are of most premium quality and very effective in reliving the problems and gives excellent results.

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