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Know about your Health through a Kundali

Health is true wealth. Balance, harmony, and healthiness of mind, body, and soul are key to progressing with distinction in life, especially at workplace occupation/profession, education (e.g., children’s nutrition), children (overall physical and mental development) and married-life (emotional, potency, sexual dysfunction, relationship, in-laws, childbearing etc. balance). Health status, control, and condition determine the wellbeing of all these and other features in life and its dependency on it. Healthy life and health prediction of a person is based on many aspects, such as his/her Janam Kundali based on a specific date/time/place of birth, among other facets.
  • Janam Kundali and explanation of planets, moon, the sun etc. positioning and its meaning and implications
  • 2Yrs Health prediction
  • Current Mahadasha
  • Upays (remedies) over time
  • Shubh / Ashubh planets (favorable / unfavorable planets)
  • Mukhadasha and Varshfal
  • Problems probe and their solutions (confidential and private consultancy)
  • The color of clothes that need to be worn etc.

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