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Know about your Family through a Kundali

Parents are the creators and are Godly for every child. Parents’ in their entire lifetime provide unconditional love, sacrifice, support, education, health, safety, vision, direction, empowering, emotional bonding etc., more than any other relationship in the world. You may Check Here for parent prediction and for a kundali prediction. It is perhaps the most eternal, timeless and unending relationship in mankind. Parents are the guiding source of light and always remain in the heart, mind, and soul of the child. When parents become older, it is the duty and time to reciprocate when they need the children the most, especially for love and emotional support. You know more about your's family health and problems and will get remedies accordingly.
  1. Janam Kundali and explanation of planets, moon, the sun etc. positioning and its meaning and implications
  2. 2Year's Family prediction
  3. Current Mahadasha
  4. Upays (remedies) over time
  5. Shubh / Ashubh planets (favorable / unfavorable planets)
  6. Mukhadasha and Varshfal
  7. Problems probe and their solutions (confidential and private consultancy)
  8. The color of clothes that need to be worn etc.

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