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Vahan Raksha Yantra

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Product Brief Description

The Vahan Raksha Yantra is the Yantra for safety in vehicles, in road or to stay away from road accidents. It keeps the worshipper safe in the arena outside home and do not let anything harm the person in any way.

The Vahan Raksha Yantra is highly significant for those having hurdles in driving and with vehicles in their horoscope chart as per the words of astrology. People who have been told for fear in roads as predicted from their birth chart should adopt this Yantra and worship it with all the rituals as it would surely reduce their fear of life and would defend them from many obstacles in road or during driving.

Adoption of Vahan durghtna Yantra would protect the person from misfortunes as it bestows the person with a divine protection and do not let him or her receive any injury or wound.

Shri Durga Beesa Yantra Benefits

  • These yantra's are made and prepared in the guidance of acharya indu prakash.
  • Protects the vehicles from all dangers and accidents and enhances a sense of safety

This yantra is energized by professional pundit under the guidance of Acharya Indu Prakash.

This Yantra has been Enchanted with 21000 Mantra.

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