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Blue Sapphire 5 Carat

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Blue sapphire popularly known as Neelam in India is a blue colored gemstone as the name suggests itself. It removes the evil due to Saturn (Shani). This stone can be light blue or dark blue in appearance . The gemstone protects the wearer from the causes of sadhe sati. If worn correctly, it can show results varying from day 1 to a month. It shows fastest results as compared to any other gemstone.  It also protects the wearer from negativity, enemies, accidents etc. The wearer can notice benefits in a short interval of time. The stone is worn in the middle finger of the right hand and is preferred to be worn with different stones.  Wearing the stone on Saturday is the best timing.  Blue sapphire blesses with immense good luck, joy and a healthy life. Women wearing blue sapphire can notice favorable results in fertility. 

Chant this mantra 11 times while wearing the stone:

'ॐप्रांप्रींप्रौंस: शनैश्चरायनम:'।


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