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Brahsapti Yantra

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Brahaspati yantra is associated with planet Jupiter. Jupiter is a holy planet and also termed as “Guru”. It deals with areas like native mind, intelligences, gentleness and devotion. People who are into educational institution are advised to place this yantra. This yantra can also earn respect for the native. In special cases, Brahaspati Yantra blesses the native with a good spouse for marriage and makes the life happy for both the people. It is suggested to place this yantra only on Thursday as it is the day of Guru according to astrology. 

This yantra is energized by professional pundit under the guidance of Acharya Indu Prakash.The Brahaspati yantra's available on astro-e-shop are created and energized during the Punarvasu, Vishakha and Poorvabhadrapada nakshartras therefore they are of most premium quality and very effective in reliving the problems and gives excellent results.This Yantra has been Enchanted with 21000 Mantra.

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