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Yellow Sapphire 2 Carat

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Yellow Sapphire stone is a light colored stone which directly links with the most active planet Jupiter. The real yellow sapphire is clear and is free from layers. This mesmerizing stone directly grabs the beams from the planet Jupiter to provide wealth, luck, marriage bliss, prosperity to the wearer. This stone leaves positive impact on the wearer when worn properly. This stone is worn on Thursday morning, as this is the day of Jupiter. This stone when worn in the ring finger of the right hand by the male and in left finger by females are most benefited. The stone must be worn either in gold or diamond in such a way that it touches the skin.  Wearing this tone brings joy and happiness in life. Individual suffering from disease like jaundice can wear this stone for improvement in health.  The yellow sapphire is believed to bring immense wealth and luck in the wearer life.    

Also known as Yellow Sapphire stone, Pukhraj is related to the planet Jupiter. One should wear it on Thursday morning in the ring finger of the right hand. Chant this mantra while wearing the stone. Dip it in holywater to remove the unwanted impurities from the stone.While wearing the stone, wearer have to chant this mantra11 times:

'ॐग्रांग्रींग्रौंस: बृहस्पतयेनम:'


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