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Know about your education through a Kundali 

With the help of Vedic astrology, we may learn about different yogas in a Kundali which are associated with education. These yogas tell us how a person would excel in his education and whether he would be able to reach new heights in the field of his education. In the modern times, the whole scenario related to education has totally changed. Everyone wants to excel and leave a mark these days. Even your parents want you to do well.

Astrology may help a person with his education. A Kundali may give some information about a person’s education on the basis of various yogas which are formed. The second, fourth and fifth house in a Kundali tells us about a person’s education. Presence of auspicious planets in these houses makes sure that you have a high degree of education. Navansh Kundali and Chaturvinshansh Kundali should always be used for educational purposes. The Lord of the fifth house of a Janma Kundali should be analyzed in Navansh and Chaturvinshansh kundalis.

  • Janam Kundali and explanation of planets, moon, the sun etc. positioning and its meaning and implications
  • 2yrs Education prediction
  • Current Mahadasha
  • Upays (remedies) over time
  • Shubh / Ashubh planets (favorable / unfavorable planets)
  • Mukhadasha and Varshfal
  • Problems probe and their solutions (confidential and private consultancy)
  • The color of clothes that need to be worn etc.

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