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Know about your Profession and occupation through a Kundali

Professionally, we work hard, we struggle, are well qualified-competent, trained, experienced, guided by Management-Masters-Gurus, have references, maintain office relations, are suitable for foreign postings, deserve salary hike-bonuses, meet targets at work etc., YET success and rewards are at times hindered in time. We fail to understand and determine the blockages to achieve the success that we well deserve, meet the criteria and qualify for. Things appear to be out of our hand, control, and purview. A common person would say:”Your stars are unfavorable at this time”! Here, you may need the help of occupation/profession prediction.

  • Janam Kundali and explanation of planets, moon, the sun etc. positioning and its meaning and implications
  • 2Yrs occupation / professional prediction
  • Current Mahadasha
  • Upays (remedies) over time
  • Shubh / Ashubh planets (favorable / unfavorable planets)
  • Mukhadasha and Varshfal
  • Problems probe and their solutions (confidential and private consultancy)
  • The color of clothes that need to be worn etc.


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