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Pearl Moti 2 Carat

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Pearl or Moti is a shinning, white in color, perfectly round, globular shaped gemstone. This stone grows inside the oyster which is mainly found in Bay of Bengal and in South Indian sea banks of India. Japan, Australia, Tahiti, Persian Gulf are some other places to find natural pearl. The original pearl is spotless and free from any blemishes. The best time to wear Pearl is on Monday morning and should be washed with holy water Ganga Jal and fresh milk. It should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand. The wearer possesses the blessing of Goddess Laksmi. White Pearl gives spiritual gifts, rosy pearls gives intelligence and power and yellow pearl brings material prosperity to the wearer.  Non-lustrous, copper and blemished  pearls should be avoided. 

Moti also known as pearl dominates planet is moon. Chant this mantra 11 times while wearing the stone:

'ॐश्रांश्रींश्रौंस: चन्द्रमसेनम:'।


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