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Moonga 3 Carat

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Moonga or Red coral is a product of sea and is found in warm water, thus making it a warm stone. This stone is opaque and red in color making it difficult to identify. It is mostly made up of calcium carbonate. It is helpful to cure diseases related to planet Mars like fever, cough, small pox, chicken pox, piles, boils, measles etc. this gemstone should be worn only with silver or copper in 1st or 4th finger on Tuesday. This gemstone ensures victory of the wearer as Mars is the god of war. This is best for people who tend to be nervous or want to overcome fear. It is a warm stone and thus helps in heart diseases. This stone is also helpful for strengthening the marriage life and longevity of the spouse. 

Chant this mantra 11 times while wearing the stone.



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