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Ruby Manik 3 Carat

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Rubi also known as Manik is a red colored gemstone. As the stone is associated with mars, it makes it the “King of Gems”. This stone should be worn Sunday morning by chanting the suitable mantras. Wearing Ruby brings prosperity, good health and social status to the wearer.  Sun is known to be father in astrology. Wearing the king of gems uplifts the paternal relationship. Being the centre of the solar system sun dominates the planets and thus the wearer of ruby will have an inclined growth rate in professional life. People who belong to the field of administration, politics, diplomacy or other administration services should wear this stone. It is also advised for students preparing for civil services. 

Maanik is weared in ring finger of the right hand after bath on Sunday.Dip the ring in Gangajal or fresh milk and for 10 min before wearing. While wearing the stone, wearer have to chant this mantra 11 times:

ॐह्रांह्रींहौंस: सूर्यायनम:।


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